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Find answers to everything you need to know about our Wine Club

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Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our Wine Club.

Take a look at our list of commonly asked questions and answers to learn about our various membership options, shipment months, how to upgrade your membership and more.

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How does the wine club work?

The Wine Club gives you the convenience of receiving quarterly shipments of 3, 6, or 12 bottles of our wine with up to 20% savings.

What savings apply to Wine Club purchases?

Each membership level gets access to a different level of discount. These discounts apply to wine shipments and additional wine purchases:

  • 3-bottle – 10% discount on Cellar Door prices
  • 6-bottle – 15% discount on Cellar Door prices
  • 12-bottle - 20% discount on Cellar Door prices

Does the Wine Club discount apply to wine purchased in addition to my quarterly shipments?

Yes, you will enjoy the same rate of discount on all additional wine bottle purchases made at the winery, online or by telephone. 

What does it cost to join the Wine Club?

Wine Club Membership is free. You simply have to commit to purchasing a minimum of 3 bottles of wine every 3 months for the next year (or a minimum of one 12 bottle case for overseas members).

What freight charges apply to Wine Club purchases?

All purchases of 12 or more bottles are shipped for free within America. A standard $15 freight charge applies to 3 and 6 bottle purchases (Except for the States Alaska & Hawaii where freight is $50). Unfortunately we're not able to ship orders to Utah, Illinois, Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, Delaware, Rhode Island and certain zip codes in Oklahoma and Alabama. 

Which wine will be included?

We offer three different options so you can always get the wine you love.

  • Winemaker’s Selection – includes a range of varietals carefully selected by our Chief Winemaker Christopher Keys of either two reds and one or one red and two whites

  • Purely Pinot – includes a top pick of our premium Pinot Noir, carefully selected by our Chief Winemaker Christopher Keys

  • Custom Selection – Create your own custom selection of the wines you love before each shipment month.

Wine selections can be made on your online account or by calling our Wine Club Concierge who can help you select the perfect wines for your shipment.

How do I know which wines will be included in each shipment?

The month prior to your shipment, you can log into your Wine Club account to see which wines you'll be receiving. You'll also be sent a shipment announcement email with the wines that will be included in your next shipment. 

When are the quarterly shipments made?

Shipments will be processed and dispatched within the first two weeks of the shipments months of February, May, August and November.

Can I change my Wine Club membership type?

Yes, you can change your wine selection any time online by logging into your online account and going to the Wine Preferences area or contact us, and we'll do it for you. The same goes for upgrading your membership type. Once you upgrade your membership, you can start receiving greater benefits right away.

How much does each shipment cost?

Prices for each shipment vary. Depending upon your wine selection and membership level you will automatically be charged the following:

USA Members   
  Winemaker’s Selection Purely Pinot Selection Custom Selection
3-bottles quarterly* $116 max.  $151 max.  10% off selected wines
6-bottles quarterly*  $219 max.  $284 max.  15% off selected wines
12-bottles quarterly  $412 max.  $534 max.  20% off selected wines

*$15 USD shipping charge applies. 12-bottle members get free shipping within America.
Please note, prices are reviewed annually in May; any changes will take effect for the August shipment.

How do I pay for my Wine Club shipments?

The cost of each shipment together with any applicable shipping costs will be charged to the credit card submitted with your membership application. This charge will be made during the first week of each shipment month.

What are the benefits of being a Wine Club Member other than savings on wine purchases?

The Gibbston Valley Wine Club is more than just regular shipments of our premium wines. Members also get access to: exclusive member-only events, dining and shopping discounts at the winery, special offers including VIP packages at the Gibbston Summer Concerts and an assortment of other benefits.

What if I decide I don’t want to be a Wine Club member anymore?

After a year, your membership can be cancelled without any penalty by providing us with a written notice up to two weeks prior to the next shipment date.

What penalties apply for early membership cancellation?

If you cancel your membership before being a member for one year, your credit card will be charged the difference between Wine Club prices and Cellar Door prices on wines already shipped. You'll also be charged for any discounts you may have received on-site or online as part of your membership benefits.