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Large Formats

Magnums (1.5L) and Double Magnums (3.0L) of library stock and new releases

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Large Formats

Add a little (or big) something special to your cellar.

More wine is always a good idea. At Gibbston Valley, we produce a very limited range of large format bottles of our premium Pinot Noirs including 1.5-litre Magnums, 3.0-litre Double Magnums, 6.0-litre Imperials and 9.0-litre Salmananzars.

Large Formats are available from all our ranges for current release and some rare vintages. Every bottle includes a wooden presentation box. Beautifully handcrafted, these bottles are ideal for aging and saving for a special celebration.

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Our 1.5-litre Magnums equal two bottles of wine, perfect for your next gathering with family and friends.

Sometimes, one bottle isn't enough, but a magnum of your favourite varietal is the perfect size for sharing. Magnums are available in our Gibbston Valley, Single Vineyard and Reserve ranges for both current release and some rare older vintages. 

Magnums have excellent cellaring potential. Purchase one now to have on hand the next time you're planning a dinner or other special event.

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Double Magnums

It's not a celebration until you open a 3-litre Double Magnum of your favourite wine.

Available in select vintages, our Double Magnums turn every event into a momentous occasion. 

Each one equals four bottles of wine, making them an excellent choice for sharing at a wedding, anniversary, family reunion or other special occasion. 

Until then, they'll make a prestigious statement in your wine cellar. 

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Some occasions call for something grand. How does an Imperial of premium Pinot Noir sound?

Our 6-litre Imperials are a unique addition to any wine collection. Currently, we only have Imperials available for our 2012 China Terrace Pinot Noir. 

Each one equals eight bottles of wine. The larger the bottle, the better the cellaring potential, meaning these are something to hold on to. 

If interested in purchasing, please contact our Wine Club.

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The largest of our Large Format bottles, our Salmanazars offer 9-litres of Pinot perfection.

You could open a case of wine or you could reach for a Salmanazar of your favourite Single Vineyard Pinot Noir. We produce a very limited run of these large and spectacular bottles.

Currently, we only have Salmanazars available for our 2013 Single Vineyard Pinot Noirs including China Terrace, Glenlee, Le Maitré and School House. To purchase please contact our Wine Club.

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