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Originally from: New Zealand
Greatest achievement: Voted NZ's best wedding singer 2013,2014 & 2015. 

Fountain of wine knowledge, trail walking, explorer, all round top grape drinker.

Fast 5 for Paddy:

How did you come to be a GVW team member? 
A sense of something new, the wines and views lead me straight here.

What’s your favorite wine drinking position?
Out in this landscape, laid back and sun-soaked.

Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
I don't find myself in the company of famous people, the closest I've been was a sweaty chap dressed in a Goofy costume.

Favourite GV wine of all time?
It has to be one of the re-released wines we put out through our cellar door, very well aged Pinot, especially the 2008 Gibbston Valley Pinot Noir. It's an absolute stunner! I was surprised by the complexity and development of flavors in this particular wine. I was once skeptical about aged Otago Pinot Noir but its clear, they warrant the emphasis we put on cellaring.

A wine to impress a new love interest? 
Ultimately the Red Shed Pinot Blanc 2015, wild fermented with its richness, texture and slow developing flavors. Suitable for all your floozies and sweethearts alike.

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Trina - restaurant manager

Originally from: New Zealand
Greatest Achievement: New Zealand's longest headstand champion 2015

Head-standing, ski jumping, back-flipping; wine nut

Fast 5 for Trina:

How did you come to be a GVW team member? 
A good friend of mine was working at the cheesery last summer, when I saw the job advertised I thought it would be a great opportunity to pull faces at him through the courtyard so I applied straight away!

Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
I got pretty flustered when I met oriental Buzz lightyear at Hong Kong Disneyland in 2009

What’s your favourite wine drinking position?
Let’s get a little romantic for a minute, surely there is no better way to drink wine other than around a fire place, whether that’s at home or a bonfire at the beach with great company.

Favourite GV wine at the moment?
I always considered Chardonnay a wine that my grandmother would have chosen, but I am a fully converted after trying our China Terrace Chardonnay.

If you were a bottle of GV wine, what would you be and why? 
Surely that would be our Rosé Method Traditionelle – Fruity strawberry textures ahead of smokey undertones before a long, lingering cherry finish.

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Jeremy - WINE CLUB manager

Originally from: USA Baby.
Greatest Achievement: Former cat grooming Champion of Tahoe, USA

American Football loving, Cat loving, Southern stampede loving, all round good bloke

Fast 5 for Jeremy:

How did you come to be a GVW team member?
I was actually the Head Chef at the country club where the owner spent his summers. As part of a collage project I asked to interview Phil (the owner) as he was in my career path. (business owning millionaire) Long story short, after I graduated with my Masters 5 years later I was invited to their annual board of directors meeting, put in my two cents, met Greg (CEO) and asked him for a job 2 days later.

Favourite GV wine of all time?
It’s like choosing your favourite child! Of course I don’t have one ;) But in all honesty I like them all and I’m very situational when it comes to wine. Who am I with, what we are doing, what the weather is doing, what we are eating, all play a role in what I’m drinking..

What kind of hairstyle did you rock in 1995, same time as the GVW wine cave opening?
You know it was that short spiky hair with the frosted tips like my boy TJ. My mom wasn’t about to spend $100+ on it though to just have the tips frosted… So I have to go complete bleach and let it grow back….

Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
Awe man, you name it! The catering company I was the head chef at used to cater the Celebrity Golf Tournament (American Century Classic) so big names used to come through all the time. Michael Jordan, Alfonso Ribeiro, Tony Romo, Ray Romano, Jerry Rice, John Elway, …Donald Trump…

If you were not working at GVW where would you be?
Probably still working in a deep dark kitchen somewhere on the west coast of the good ol’ USA. In the words of the late great Anthony Bourdain “People confuse me. Food doesn't.”

Jeremy Wine Club Manager

Kat - Sales & marketing manager

Originally from: Czech Republic.
Greatest Achievement: Winner of the 2011 Queenstown egg & spoon race.

heat-pump loving, mountain loving, ski loving, all round good chick

Fast 5 for Kat:

How did you come to be a GVW team member?
I used to work here from 2008 – April 2010. It feels like a good Dejavu.

Best kept Queenstown secret?
Special parking spot in town.

Favourite GV wine at the moment?
Riesling Le Fou 2010 – brings up great memories when I used to work here seven years ago.

A wine to impress a love interest?
2011 Vintage Rose – love the colour, smell and taste, it was long time coming... It is a very special wine.

Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
Pierce Brosnan in 2002 when he came to Sydney for a Premiere of his last Bond Movie. Back then I worked at the Wild Fire Restaurant. Pierce asked for a Martini with two olives and later that evening he also asked me where the restrooms were :D Exciting moment in my life :D I love his Bond movies and found him friendly and pleasant.

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duncan - warehouse manager

Originally from: England
Greatest achievement: Avoiding a photo shoot until his hair's done Champ Nov 2016. 

Breakdancing, disc golf slinging, craft beer drinking, top model

Fast 5 for Duncan:

How did you come to be a GVW team member? 
I was rolling around the valley with cv's, swung into Gibbston Valley, was offered a job in the restaurant which I declined demanding a role on Cellar Door. The rest is a 4 year history.

What’s your favorite wine drinking position?
Inverted on a barrel!

Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
For the 3 football fans at GV I'd say former England goalkeeper Paul Robinson and had an argument with him. For everybody else Mark Addy who played King Baratheon in Game of thrones. He answered my questions about action scenes but not boobs......

Favourite GV wine of all time?
A tough one. I am unable to pick just one so will pick two: Glenlee 2014 as it's freakin' awesome and 2012 Reserve Chardonnay because it reminded me how good chardy is.

Best kept Queenstown secret? 
Queenstown gardens, all the frisbee golf and fewer slack-lining hippies.

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Originally from: France
Greatest achievement: French hot dog eating Champion 2013. 

Wheel nut, seat nut, bike nut.

Fast 5 for Ronan:

How did you come to be a GVW team member? 
I was looking for a bike mechanic position when I initially moved to Queenstown. Prior to meeting the GVW team and seeing the place, in my mind I was thinking that it was unlikely that I would take the job if it was offered to me as I had always worked in bicycle workshops but, nonetheless I was still curious about the place and what the job entailed. My partner and I arrived at GVW, it was a lovely warm sunny day, a jazz band was playing outside, the food looked great, everyone looked very happy. The ambiance was great. And we thought “This is the place to work!”.

What’s your favourite wine drinking position?
I don’t understand the question. How can you have other positions to drink wine other than sitting down or standing up? Sounds a bit of a dirty question…

Favourite GV wine at the moment?
I usually go for the 2016 GV Collection Pinot Noir. And occasionally when I am in the mood, a glass of the 2018 GV Collection Rosé on a warm day goes down well.

Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
I had the chance to meet a couple of times Cédric Gracia (French mountain biker). He won many titles including Red Bull Rampage in 2003, he was to me a real hero when I was growing up.

How long can you do a wheelie for? 
At the moment I am not allowed to ride a bike, I broke my scapula in August this year and my bone is still healing. I have done a few easy ride the last few weeks… but please don’t tell my physio she would be mad at me!

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Originally from: The North, England.
Greatest Achievement: 2018/19 Queenstown Flat Moving Champ.

Photo taking, wine slurping, food munching, all round good Tut Northerner

Fast 5 for Tamasin:

How did you come to be a GVW team member?
I felt very lucky that this job cropped up just as I arrived in Queenstown from England with no job and no home! I am trained as a Graphic Designer but thought it was unlikely that I would get my dream graphic design job. It’s such a privilege to be part of the GVW team.

A wine to impress/convert a new love interest?
My love interests don’t usually know much about wine (all the more for me) so I think any GV wine will win them over. Some 2019 Rosé -tint glasses wouldn’t go amiss though. As well as loving our Rose, our Red Shed Riesling and Late Harvest is luscious. My sweet tooth knows no bounds!!

Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
Probably Tony Hadley – I chased after him for a photo at the Spanish steps in Rome and then accidentally called him Tony Hawk. That truly was GOLD.

What’s your favourite wine drinking position?
I’ll be PC. Probably perched on a grassy bank that backs up to a DOC backcountry hut, watching an epic sunset over some stupendous snow-capped mountains. Wine tastes even better after a hike! Maybe it’s not the most hydrating beverage though.

What kind of hairstyle did you rock in 1995, same time as the GVW wine cave opening?
Aged 3, I was a proud owner of a glass-smooth bob with a full fringe, suspiciously similar to my mum’s do, or a vintage ski helmet. I was destined for Queenstown!

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