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Originally from: Newcastle Man
Greatest achievement: Made it through the first audition of Geordie Shore. 

Bike nut, Wakeboard nut, Snowboard nut, not quite a football nut as he follows Spurs.

Fast 5 for Sean:

How did you come to be a GVW team member? 
I was doing a bit of bike guiding for a company in and around the Queenstown area, they put me in touch with the crew at GVW who needed an extra pair of hands getting the new bike centre up and running and driving biking guests around the valley. I hadn’t actually been out to the winery and was offered a free coffee if I came out for a meeting, who could say no to that?

What kind of hairstyle did you rock in 1995, same time as the GVW wine cave opening?
That would my Britpop esqe’ centre parting, a truly awful hairdo for a truly awful musical movement, like all impressionable early year teenagers it was more ‘hair’ than ‘style`.

What’s your favourite wine drinking position?
I shall call it the passing of the baton, when your stretching across from the couch to the coffee table about to open another bottle of pinot, and that sense of victory envelopes the moment.

Favourite GV bike trail at the moment?
Depends on the mood, for a gentle bike ride then definitely the stretch from GVW out to the suspension bridges, majestic views of the Kawarau along the way, if I need a little more adrenaline then ‘pylon down’ up at Rabbit Ridge, fast, fun and flowy single track only 15mins from the winery.

A bike trail to impress/convert a new love interest? 
Gotta be the section of the river trail that can lead those with a bit of wanderlust down to the beach, it’s the valleys hidden secret gem. Its there for everybody to find and enjoy but its not shown on any maps so bring your sense of adventure and keep an eye out for subtle signs, your love interest will be an instant convert I promise.

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Originally from: New Zealand
Greatest achievement: Voted NZ's best wedding singer 2013,2014 & 2015. 

Fountain of wine knowledge, trail walking, explorer, all round top grape drinker.

Fast 5 for Paddy:

How did you come to be a GVW team member? 
A sense of something new, the wines and views lead me straight here.

What’s your favorite wine drinking position?
Out in this landscape, laid back and sun-soaked.

Who is the most famous person you have ever meet?
I don't find myself in the company of famous people, the closest I've been was a sweaty chap dressed in a Goofy costume.

Favourite GV wine of all time?
It has to be one of the re-released wines we put out through our cellar door, very well aged Pinot, especially the 2008 Gibbston Valley Pinot Noir. It's an absolute stunner! I was surprised by the complexity and development of flavors in this particular wine. I was once skeptical about aged Otago Pinot Noir but its clear, they warrant the emphasis we put on cellaring.

A wine to impress a new love interest? 
Ultimately the Red Shed Pinot Blanc 2015, wild fermented with its richness, texture and slow developing flavors. Suitable for all your floozies and sweethearts alike.

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duncan - warehouse manager

Originally from: England
Greatest achievement: Avoiding a photo shoot until his hair's done Champ Nov 2016. 

Breakdancing, disc golf slinging, craft beer drinking, top model

Fast 5 for Duncan:

How did you come to be a GVW team member? 
I was rolling around the valley with cv's, swung into Gibbston Valley, was offered a job in the restaurant which I declined demanding a role on Cellar Door. The rest is a 4 year history.

What’s your favorite wine drinking position?
Inverted on a barrel!

Who is the most famous person you have ever meet?
For the 3 football fans at GV I'd say former England goalkeeper Paul Robinson and had an argument with him. For everybody else Mark Addy who played King Baratheon in Game of thrones. He answered my questions about action scenes but not boobs......

Favourite GV wine of all time?
A tough one. I am unable to pick just one so will pick two: Glenlee 2014 as it's freakin' awesome and 2012 Reserve Chardonnay because it reminded me how good chardy is.

Best kept Queenstown secret? 
Queenstown gardens, all the frisbee golf and fewer slack-lining hippies.

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Jesse - restaurant supervisor

Originally from: Oregon, USA
Greatest Achievement: Oregon State snow shoveling champ 2012. 

Snowboarding, disc golf chucking, mountain trekking, top dude

Fast 5 for Jesse:

How did you come to be a GVW team member? 
Saw a job post when I was having lunch and started to wander, why in the hell am I picking strawberries in Kumeu?  Applied and interviewed 3 weeks later.  The rest is grape-juice.

What’s your favorite wine drinking position?
Drinking wine is a sacred bond between Man and Grape.  I'm quite traditional so I stick to "missionary".

What kind of hairstyle did you rock in 1995, same time as the GVW wine cave opening?
Shaved head, growing up in San Diego I was still trying to figure out who I was. At that time it was definitely Latino, checkered shirt, top button only was how I rolled.

Favourite GV wine at the moment?
My wife Gwen is always telling me to get in touch with my feminine side.... So i drink Rose.

Where were you when GV wines released their first wine to the public in 1987? 
Fresh out the womb, can't remember if I had a glass of wine in my hand or a beer helmet on my head, but it was a long time ago.

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Originally from: Christchurch
Greatest Achievement: Successfully stopping the GV staff from eating all of the chocolate. 

Mountain hiking, bare foot running, nature loving, keeper of the Gibbston Valley chocolate supply

Fast 5 for Laura:

How did you come to be a GVW team member? 
I was down here visiting my brother and so when he was called in to work one day, I decided to do some solo wine tasting. Came into GV, sat down and chatted to Duncan, drank some wine and decided to apply for a job. The rest is history.

Favourite GV wine at the moment?
The 2016 Rose. If Winter has decided to be well and truly over, I might as well go full Summer-mode. Slap on some SPF, coz the Rose is basically sunshine in your mouth.

Who is the most famous person you have ever meet?
I don't know if this technically counts as "meeting" him, but I stared at him for a while and made uncomfortable eye-contact, so it's basically the same thing, right? I was in the security line at LAX behind the guy that was the main/ only Oompa Lumpa in the Willy Wonka movie re-make and also starred as a Mexican cockfighter in Eastbound and Down. So you know, the big league.

You are at a party when someone begins to do The moonwalk, which GV wine best describes this dance move?
2013 Glenlee. Once you start, you just can't stop. And if you have too much, someone is bound to trip over a table backwards.

If you were a bottle of GV wine, what would you be and why? 
2015 Red Shed Pinot Blanc. Just a wee bit different...

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Vinny - Cellar Door manager

Originally from: Whakatane
Greatest Achievement: Queenstown 2014 Chess Champion

4x4 driving, dirt bike riding, travel loving, all round good bloke

Fast 5 for Vinny:

How did you come to be a GVW team member?
Walked into the restaurant and became immediately intrigued, so started sipping and nibbling.

A wine to impress/convert a new love interest?
2009 la Dulcinee Pinot Gris. The name speaks for itself, bright aromas and weighted fruit rounded by oily seduction.

Favourite GV wine of all time?
2009 China Terrace Pinot Noir. This is my favorite, through a few years maturing, now resting as an incredibly well balanced ripe, dirty sweet, browned Bendigo classic.

What wine would you take if you were trekking out to a back country hut for an overnight stay and would you share it with the other hut occupants?
2014 Red Shed Pinot Blanc. Great wild food matching diversity, round with clarity and nuttiness plus an impression of good hydration for those tracks. Of course, share the love every time!

What is the length of your eyelashes? And have you ever trimmed them before?
Somewhere between 10mm and 18mm. Yes, once, the biggest mistake as they brutally clashed with every blink at 4-5mm. I was 6 at the time.

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