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Valentine's Day chocolate and wine pairing tips

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, chocolate and wine are likely to be on your must-have menu of sweets for your sweetheart.

However, matching the inherent richness of chocolate with the robust flavours of wine can lead to an unpleasant aftertaste if you don’t know what to look for.

To help you find the perfect match, we consulted our winemaker Sascha Herbert to get some chocolate and Gibbston Valley Wine pairing tips that are sure to pleasure your palate.

Whether you’re planning an evening with a significant other or are just trying to make Cupid’s arrow stick, Sascha suggests these, “four options as a prelude to getting naked (her words).” 

Chocolate and Wine Pairing Tips

1. Spice is nice.
Instead of just getting the usual, try something different by pairing a chili and dark chocolate bar with School House Pinot Noir. The spiciness of the dark chocolate combined with the sweet dark fruit flavours of this single vineyard Pinot Noir are sure to create some steam.  

2. Let temptation be your guide.
We know the thought of silky strawberry fondant coated in luscious 70% dark chocolate might sound too good to be true, but why stop there?  Sascha suggests adding some Gibbston Valley Pinot Noir to the mix for an irresistible flavour experience that showcases luxurious dark chocolate and this wine's rich dark berry notes. You won’t want to resist. If covered in velvety-smooth milk chocolate, pair with Rosé.


3. Add some spark(ling).
Nothing says Valentine’s Day celebration like popping open a bottle of bubbles, and we have just the thing. Pair the opulent decadence of rich white chocolate (Sascha recommends Lindt LINDOR white chocolate truffles) or a white chocolate and hazelnut bar with Gibbston Valley Non-Vintage Methode Traditionelle for a delicious double that will even make Cupid jealous.

4. Satisfy both ends.
Some like it salty, some like it sweet and when it comes to pairing chocolate and wine, combining the two is a sinfully-satisfying combination. Sascha suggests making the most of this flavoursome fantasy by matching pure milk chocolate-coverd salted caramel with Gibbston Valley Reserve Pinot Noir. The savoury and sweet notes of the chocolate will tantalise your taste buds when paired with the Reserve's sweetly demure nose. 

If you plan on being solo this Valentine's day, no worries. Sascha suggests Le Maitre Pinot Noir. This compelling single vineyard Pinot Noir has a distinct elegance and an impressively long finish that you'll want to save for yourself, no chocolate needed.

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