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Summer Concert 2017 Review

Gibbston Valley Summer Concert 2017

The weeks leading up to this year’s concert were rife with speculation over the weather. Our Facebook page lit up with hundreds of opinions, moon forecasts, gut feelings, old wives tails and just about every other type of forecasting know to humankind. Everyone was just hoping for a day of shorts, Jandals and a hefty amount of slip, slop, slap. Have no fear we thought, our Chief Winemaker Christopher Keys found a forecast that suggested a day of high cloud, light winds and 30 degrees!

Unfortunately, that report proved to be slightly off the mark. However, a little bit of rain would not spoil the concert and the whole day went off without a hitch. A huge amount of credit must go to Greenstone Entertainment who ensure the day runs smoothly. This year the concert was a complete sell-out with tickets selling out in 6 weeks! This makes all of us at the winery very proud, knowing our hard work brings smiles to the faces of 16,000 rockers.

The gates flung open at 10 am and shortly after this the first act of the day performed. J-Chill are a school band from Riverton who strummed out classic covers from the 90s & 00s. This would have been their biggest crowd so far in their careers, but they showed zero nerves and got the mosh pit jumping.

Next act up, The Flaming Moes from Invercargill, they continued where the J-Chill boys left off wowing the sell-out crowd with hits from the Chilli peppers, Radiohead and many more.

summer concert 300 x 221 v3

summer concert 300 x 222

By now everyone had found their patch of grass and the good times were well and truly rolling. The Gibbston Valley tasting tent was rocking, the food vendors were pumping out fine fare and the straw hat stand was popping a hat on, what seemed like every person that attended the gig.

Next up Bonnie Tyler, so far the rain had held off but with a huge level of irony her first song was a cover by Creedence Clear Water – “have you ever felt the rain?” and right on cue light rain started to fall. This did not dampen the crowd’s spirit and the place exploded with dancing and singing, reaching a climax when Bonnie belted out her smash hit ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’.

The Alan Parsons Project kept our eyes off the sky, performing a musical masterclass with their shorter than normal set, but still cramming in all of their classic songs.

The crowed waited for the final headline act ICEHOUSE with the same excitement levels a 3 year old gets when presented with a slice of birthday cake. They have not played in New Zealand for 26 years and the wait was over, with a grownup mature sound and not a mullet in sight they delivered a performance that we are sure you're still talking about.

Thank you all for making this another year to remember.

See you next year!