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New Dusty Bottle t's are out

 gv label2  gv label

Gibbston Valley wine labels are taking on a new life as the featured images on a new line of t-shirts created to honour iconic designs from past vintages.

While most people are always focused on the next best thing, the winery is taking time out to celebrate its artistic beginnings with their new Dusty Bottle Series t-shirts. The shirts are available for purchase at the winery Gift Shop and online.

GEO t-shirt a throwback to winery's heritage

The new t-shirt series debuted with the already-classic GEO t-shirt inspired by a Gibbston Valley label from the early ’90s. The geometric design reflects the jagged mountains that define Central Otago along with the majestic Lake Wakatipu.

The shirt is throwback to the winery's heritage in the Valley, and the place they proudly call home. 

The GEO t-shirt is available in three different colours including black, green and gray for men and black, burgundy and oatmeal for women. 

Each shirt was selected to represent the region’s diverse attributes and features the design printed in a different and coordinating colour scheme. 

The signature black GEO t-shirt is bold and funky with the design printed in bright neon colours, while the green shirt has more rugged appeal with the logo printed in natural hues of cream, dark brown, and burgundy. Printed on premium cotton, this shirt is sure to add a distinguished yet soft look to your wardrobe.

Watson t-shirt an artistic expression of place

Next in the line are the beautifully-designed Watson t-shirts. This design showcases renowned New Zealand artist Gus Watson’s rendition of the winery used on bottle labels in the early ’90s.

Watson is based locally just outside Queenstown and has been working as a professional artist since 1988. Using water colour paints, his designs express the region’s rich diversity of colour, temperature and terrain. His transcendent and stunning depictions also reflect Gibbston Valley’s terroir-driven approach to wine.
The limited-edition Watson t’s are printed on premium-quality white cotton to contrast the vibrant colours of the artist's unique design. The Watson t-shirt is both artistic and fun to wear.

Styles are available for both men and women. Both the Watson and the GEO t-shirts include the winery's former logo, representing Gibbston Valley's rich history.

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