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Meet Our Winery Dogs

At Gibbston Valley Winery, our winemaking team is a spirited bunch.

They like to chase around tennis balls, hunt for pesky rabbits in the vineyards and sometimes they even bark at each other. It may not sound like the typical duties of a winemaker, but this is all part of the job when you’re a winery dog.

Aside from providing plenty of picture-worthy moments for both our winemakers and visitors to enjoy, Zeus and Sheeba are an integral part of the vintage team.

They keep the vineyards clear of unwanted intruders and give everyone plenty to smile about every day of the week. Their forever wagging tails and playful antics are part of the personality and terroir behind our premium handcrafted Central Otago wines.

You can meet Zeus and Sheeba any day of the week with a visit to the winery.


Age: 3 years and 8 months old

Birthday: 5th October, 2010

Chinese zodiac: Tiger, along with Emily Bronte, Whoopi Goldberg and Penelope Cruz. Therefore, an admired classic, wildly entertaining and gorgeously petite.

Breed: Tri-colour Border Collie

Occupation: Brand Ambassador for GVW, hourly wine cave tour supervisor, 2IC to Zeus, bunny pest control in GV Vineyards.

Hobbies/obsessions: Balls, sticks, anything loose on shoes, balls, food, silicon bungs, cardboard, water, balls, rolling in decomposing anything, food, cricket bat, balls.

Favourite foods: Whatever delicious lunchtime treats are being served in the restaurant courtyard, leftover Zeus bones.

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Age: 5 years and 8 months old

Birthday: 27th October, 2008

Chinese zodiac: rat, along with Willaim William Shakespeare, Jude Law and Diego Maradona.

Therefore, poetic, handsome and a superb sports dog.

Breed: Weimaraner/Bearded Collie X

Occupation: Brand Ambassador for GVW, affection hunter, protector of Sheeba, bunny pest control in GV Vineyards.

Hobbies/favourite things: Cruising in the car with the sweet alpine air flowing through his choppers, running with Sheeba chasing bunnies, rolling in fine silty schist by the rivers edge, barking at skimming rocks as they fly by, playing tug of war with shagga sheepskin, tennis , cricket and badminton.

Favourite foods: A dab of Lewis Road Creamery butter on absolutely anything, delicious beef bones at six o’clock, shaved Balfour morsels from the cheesery.

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