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Home Sweet Home Block

Home Block Harvest is a special occasion at Gibbston Valley. It's a chance for us to honour our heritage and celebrate how far we've come since our founder and wine pioneer, Alan Brady, planted these vines in 1983. 

The 2015 event was another success and took place on Saturday 2 May. Wine Club members and a few special guests, including Brady, came out to help our winemakers with a morning pick of fruit from the 32-year-old and now certified-organic Home Block vineyard. 

Along with the good company, we were blessed with beautiful weather and plenty of smiling faces. With so many helping hands, the crates of grapes were soon filled to the top, and it was time for lunch in the winery restaurant. Of course, there was plenty of wine to be had.

To those who joined us, we thank you for helping us handpick fruit from this iconic site. Vintage is always an exciting time of year, and we're fortunate at Gibbston Valley to have the opportunity to share that with our Wine Club members.

Check out the photos from the event below. 

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