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An Overview

We are redeveloping our dynamic world of wine and cheese.

We are immersing our wines, food, people and experiences with a new range of cheese from producers whom we treasure and respect, and from the land we love.

The Gibbston Valley Cheesery & Deli ‘Pop-Up’ in the Old Winery is now open - 7 days a week from 10am - 5pm.

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Our Cheeses

We offer a range of artisan cheeses and are proud to be partnering with Whitestone Cheese to produce some unique, collaborative cheeses using Gibbston Valley ingredients.

Our selection of cheeses are aged and matured in the Gibbston Valley Cheesery & Deli, and in our famous Gibbston Valley Wine Cave. You will also find our cheese range served across all of our onsite eateries.

Choose from one of our carefully curated cheese boards (designed to pair perfectly with our handcrafted wines) or make your own.

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the experience

The cheese offering at Gibbston Valley is part of a 360 degree experience, stemming from our new Cheesery & Deli, where our cheeses are cut to order.

We will run a full daily schedule of tours and tastings that explore the incredible intricacies of wine and cheese pairing. In doing so, we will illustrate how our land is indispensable to our products, and what our craft does to bring the best out of land and place.

Our cheese is expertly paired with wines from across our property. Gibbston Valley Wine & Cheese tastings and tours are investigatory and educational. They offer you the opportunity to explore and discuss combinations.

Gibbston Valley Cheesery and Deli Experience 2

the place

We are beginning with a ‘Pop-Up’ Cheesery & Deli in the Old Winery. This is the first step we are taking to introduce our artisanal products whilst we prepare our redeveloped Cheesery & Deli.

The ‘Pop-Up’ Cheesery features a full tasting and retail area, with dedicated knowledgeable staff ready to give samples and cut cheese to order. A fully stocked storage area features a full range of Whitestone Cheeses, and a wide range of other producers’ deli style products.

Gibbston Valley Cheesery and Deli Place

our whitestone partnership

Gibbston Valley and Whitestone Cheese share a common history, collaborating as early as the late 80s. Founders Bob Berry (Whitestone) and Alan Brady (Gibbston Valley) were quick to recognize the potential of Otago’s landscapes and each chose a hallowed craft as a medium of exploration. As Alan was drawn to Central Otago’s schist, so Bob was to North Otago’s limestone. Standing side by side at tradeshows and country fairs some thirty years ago, they each set their sights on creating authentic Central Otago products that would live on in our regional history.

Gibbston Valley Winery are now working in close unity with Whitestone Cheese Co. to continue this legacy and bring the dual pioneering heritage into the present. We have reconnected to continue bringing local, handmade products and experiences that are, as Bob Berry announced in the early 90s, ‘as unique as the land that created them’.

This is a marriage of diversity and quality, imagination and talent, crafted by patience, history and care.

Gibbston Valley Cheesery and Deli Whitestone Partnership


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